Inspection and testing service

External visual inspection:
The visual inspection is to check the number of parts, internal packaging, dry and external packaging, vacuum packaging is intact, the spotted heat press mark is clear and maintains a high degree of consistency, the manufacturer's logo position and printed fonts (including date code and country (Region)) According to the manufacturer's standards.
function test:
Verify the product to ensure that there are no openings or defects; ensure that the product performance meets the manufacturer's specifications.
The functional testing part cooperates with third-party testing organizations:
De-cap Test
Electrical Test
Function Test
Packaging and logistics:
The final step to complete the testing service is packaging and delivery. We attach great importance to other test items. All products must be packaged and transported in ESD standards without defects or changes. The importance of our timely and safe delivery of products to customers. We provide complete packaging and transportation services to assist you in delivering the goods to the designated destination.