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Micron offers NVMe™ over PCIe™ SSDs maximized with fast throughput and low latency for even the most challenging workloads.
Whether your applications spawn hundreds of data pulls from disparate databases or your infrastructure is built to accommodate immense scale,  (NVME SSDs can satisfy the most demanding environments.

Features to Focus On
NVMe SSDs are predominately used for the highest performance, most demanding applications and workloads in the data center. Their historically high cost and high performance have limited mainstream adoption.
Micron’s NVMe SSD portfolio broadens NVMe SSD adoption through a wide range of configuration options, form factors, capacities and capabilities.
When deciding which Micron NVMe SSD is best for your environment, focus on three key areas:

• Features such as single or dual ports, namespaces or ground-up design to support system boot or high performance.
• Physical characteristics like form factor, height and power draw.
• Capabilities including endurance, capacity, performance (lOPS and GB/s) and relative cost.

Micron offers Enterprise and Client SATA SSDs that enable a smooth transition from rotating media to flash. 

   For Client Needs   For Enterprise Needs
Boost Productivity  Boot laptops and desktops in seconds, load applications almost instantly, and increase mobile productivity Boot servers in seconds, load data almost instantly and accelerate virtualized applications with  industry-leading SATA performance
Improve Total Cost of Ownership  Improved battery life in client systems  One Micron SATA SSD delivers 3X the performance of an entire rack of 24 10K RPM hard drives
Protect Data  AES 256-bit hardware encryption, TCG Opal 2.0 and power-loss protection for data at rest AES 256-bit hardware encryption, TCG Enterprise configurability, end-to-end data path protection and  power-loss protection for data in-flight and at rest
Increase Reliability  Trusted, proven architecture qualified by top OEMs and system
Trusted, proven architecture qualified by top OEMs, hyperscalers and data centers with the
 industry’s lowest annualized drive failure rate  
Get More out of
Your Storage
 Free Storage Executive management tool simplifies firmware
 upgrades, SSD management and more
 Ability to adjust SSD endurance, performance and capacity with our unique Flex Capacity
 feature as workload needs evolve
Get Peace of Mind  3-year warranty  5-year warranty